Sean's First Dia De Huevos is a Clip of the Week from 2012 about Dia De Huevos.

Sean's First Dia De Huevos
Cast Sean, Lauren, Chad, Ben, Craig, Shelby, Bryan, Jared, Nick, Sam
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date January 21st 2012
Clip / Ad Dia De Huevos 2010

Synopsis Edit

Chad introduces the worst holiday ever! The new staff tried to start things off.

Sean introduces himself with Lauren filming, as they prepare for Dia De Huevos. Sean has placed red dots around, and Lauren will record it happening. Chad walks in, and steps on a dot, and Sean hits Chad really hard. Everyone laughs. Chad is pissed.

There is a red dot on Sean's chair. Ben is still holding the cactus. The crew discusses that Chad should punch Sean back. Ben offers to punch Sean with the cactus. Shelby says that there was a dot on the camera that Nick is using, and Sean decides to punch him too. Chad prepares to punch and jokes about using his ring hand. Meanwhile, Jared is paying no attention to the chaos ensuring. Chad decides that he will do it later. Lauren and Shelby find this funny, while Sean is nervous.

Sean goes to the bathroom. Chad plans on hiding around the corner, and giving Sean a surprise punch. The office is very quiet, and Sean catches on, and Chad can't punch him. Sean demands that Chad should just hit him. Chad tells how he walked into the office to see what Sean was doing, and when he gets to the part where Sean hit him, Chad hits Sean. Sean is in pain, and everyone in the office laughs.

Craig asks Sean how he feels. Sean questions what made Craig think of the idea. Craig doesn't know.

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