Sean's Cover Letter is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Sean's Cover Letter
Cast Craig, Sean
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date August 31st 2011
Clip / Ad A video about interviews

Synopsis Edit

When Craig was interviewing Sean, he had no choice but to hire him.

Craig welcomes Sean in to his interview. Sean shows Craig his cover letter. The letter ensures that Craig will hire him, and it tells Craig some information about Sean.

He was bottle fed pure whiskey, hit puberty at 3 and had a model girlfriend, and Sean went on to save her life. Sean's beard appeared. At 6, he tamed tigers in Sri Lanka. He had a bear named Axel. He once turned puppies into a renewable resource.

Sean was originally cast as the lead role in Top Gun, but had to turn it down to train to be an astronaut. He was the life coach for the most interesting man in the world. He speaks 17 languages, and 8 don't exist yet. Kirk Cobain and Sean have ridden camels together. In 2019, Sean's voice would be used as a currency.

Craig is very impressed and hires Sean on the spot. Sean goes to leave, and Craig asks if any of it is real. Sean says no, and that he used to work in logistics. Sean leaves. Craig says to himself that it was a good story, and that Sean is a great writer.

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