Screwy's Back is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Screwy's Back
Cast Bryan, Jose, Craig, Ben, Nick, Corey
Intro Host Ben (with Jose, who says Ben sucks)
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Shinobi

Synopsis Edit

Ben introduces the Clip of the Week, but Jose calls out "Ben, you suck!" Ben thinks the guy from the ad in the guy from Heroes.

Craig tries to sit in his chair, but it gets taken away, so he falls over. Jose is working at his laptop, but it is also taken away. Jose doesn't mind, so his just goes back to being lazy.

Bryan's shoes get taken away. Chad is working at his laptop, but it is swapped for Jose's Apple laptop. Chad tries to right click, but doesn't know how to on the Apple keyboard.

Corey's bra is taken, and she is very confused and creeped out. Nick tries to write with a pencil and notepad. The same noise and effect play as if something is taken away, but nothing happens. Nick shrugs and begins writing, when the pencil breaks.

Ben's clothes get put on backwards. He finds a dollar in his back pocket. Everyone gets together and talks over each other. Craig asks Ben why he looks like a retard, before saying that he did not touch Corey's breasts.

They all turn around to see Screwy the Monkey is in the hallway.

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