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A Screwattack Top 10 is a video when Screwattack employees list the top 10 things of the subject, either depending on their or sometimes the g1's opinions (for example, they received suggestions for the Top 10 Video Game themes). ScrewAttack's big break came from the Top 10's when Gametrailer's offered to have ScrewAttack's Top 10's shown on their site.

The top 10's were originally produced by Handsome Tom and Stuttering Craig. Modern versions of the Top 10's were produced by Nervous Nick Cramer and Stuttering Craig. In 2014, the the Top 10's became top 5's, but also had a second 'Honorable Mentions' video. The actual top 5 was scripted, but the honorable mentions were improvised with just the actual contenders known going into recording. Due to fan backlash, in 2015, the Top 5's became Top 10's again.

Many ScrewAttack members play apart in the top 10's, and several arguments have started between the entire crew because of top 10's. Bryan also writes some of the script of the Top 10's, but many other ScrewAttack members have over the years as well.

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