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Screwattack Top 10's  

A Screwattack Top 10 is a video when up to 3 Screwattack employees list the top 10 things of the subject, either depending on their or sometimes the g1's opinions (for example, they recieved suggestions for the Top 10 Video Game themes).

Episode List (First to latest)

Top Ten Coolest Characters

Top Ten Boobies

Top Ten Beat 'em ups

Top Ten Super Games

Top Ten Gamecube Games

Top Ten Big Names That fell off

Best and Worst Gaming Peripherals

Top Ten Douchebags of Gaming Top Ten Worst Fighting Games

Top Ten Worst 2-D to 3-D Games

Top Ten E3s

Top Ten Mario Games

Top Ten Worst Mario Games

Top Ten Ninjas

Top Ten 2-D Shooters Top Ten Games to Buy Besides Halo

Top Ten NES Games

Screwattack's Best and Worst E for all

' Top Ten PS3 Exclusives

'''Top Ten Fighting Games

Top Ten Ho Ho Hoes in Gaming

' Top Ten AVGN Moments of 2007

'''The Best and Worst Sonic Games

A Look Back at the Last Screwattack Year

Top 20 SNES Games (20-11)

Top 20 SNES Games (10-1)

ScrewAttack's Reasons Why You Should or Should not Trade in your Wii

Top Ten FPS Games Ever!

Top Ten OMGWTF Moments in Gaming

Top Ten Genesis Games (20-11)

Top Ten Genesis Games (10-1)

Top Ten Video Game Themes Ever

Top 10: Games That Need to be Made

Top 10: Beards

Top 10 Screwattack Moments

Screwattack's Best and Worst Power Ups

Top Ten P.A.Bs

Top Ten Movie-Based Games

Top 10 Cartoon Games

Top 10 Biggest Busts

Top 10 Ugly Chicks

Top 10 Dreamcast Games

Top 10 PS3 Exclusives

Top 10 Zombie Games

Top 10 Headlines of 2010 (Posted on Jan 23, 2010 on

Top 10 Worst Robot Masters

Top 10 8-Bit Boss Theme

Top 10 Characters to include in Marvel vs Capcom 3

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