ScrewAttack vs Mortal Kombat MLG Pro GGA Dizzy is a video from 2012.

ScrewAttack vs Mortal Kombat MLG Pro GGA Dizzy
Upload Date November 7th 2012
Hosts Craig and Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack was surprise visited by Mortal Kombat player Aaron aka GGA Dizzy. Chad and Craig will give GGA Dizzy some practice games. Craig is looking forward to beat him! Craig is expecting to get swept. Chad is worried.

Chad plays first. Chad gets massively combo'd. They see a fatality that Craig hasn't seen before. Aaron wins the first match easily. They are going to get all their damage done with just breakers. Craig takes over half health off of Aaron. Aaron decides that he is only going to use one button from here on out after defeating Craig.

Chad gets a combo, which is all he wanted. Aaron beats Chad again. Craig still thinks he has a chance of doing well against Aaron. Craig decides to fight with robot arms! Craig gets taken down easily. Chad wants to play Third Strike!

It is now 4-0. Aaron talks about how he has won a few tournaments.

Chad now needs to win a round, because they have lost their dignity now! Aaron isn't blocking either. The game becomes intense, and Chad gets close. Chad wins a round! Aaron is disappointed in himself. Chad gets taken out easily in the second round. Craig apologizes for losing so badly to Aaron.

Aaron went on to finish 4th in MLG.

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