ScrewAttack takes on Machinima in the first ScrewAttack vs The Internet!

Game 1 - NBA Jam OFE Edit

ScrewAttack vs Machinima Game 1 - NBA Jam OFE
Upload Date March 2nd 2012
Hosts Machinima, Chad, Nathan Barnett, Craig, Bryan, Jared
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


The Machinima guys are posing, Nathan Barnett is seen, and other scenes from the night are shown. Craig introduces himself to everyone. People are seen dancing on the DDR. Jared practices Skee Ball. Chad asks if they are ready. One of the Machinima guys says they have a 1 in 4 chance. Craig signs a person's back with a smiley face of him. It says "Craig was here and dominated!"

Craig asks another Machinima crew member if he thinks they will win. He thinks they will do horrible, and then corrects himself to say they will kick his ass and to edit the first part out! They are collecting tickets for Justin Bieber dolls! Jared collects people's tickets.

At 8pm, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition begins. It is Craig and Chad vs Machinima 3 and 4. The crowd cheers "3 and 4!" Machinima score three in a row to start, but by the end of the first, ScrewAttack lead 12-6. ScrewAttack lead 25-15 at half time. Craig feels like kicking ass, and feels like they are doing well. Machinima are talking to each other, and the match gets started before Jared can interview them!

Machinima start to catch up in the third, bur ScrewAttack pull well in front in the 4th. The final score is 48-36.

Nathan hugs Bryan. ScrewAttack wins the first game.

The next game is ready. Super Bomberman 2 is next, and the 4 player multi-tap is ready to go!

Game 2 - Super Bomberman 2 Edit

ScrewAttack vs Machinima Game 2 - Super Bomberman 2
Upload Date March 4th 2012
Hosts Jared, Craig, Lauren, Machinima
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


Super Bomberman 2 is put in and they are ready to go. The first team to 5 wins, wins overall. The two teams cheer.

The game begins. Jared wins the first game. Lauren gets angry and yells when she blows herself up.

Machinima wins game 2.

Machinima wins game 3.

Jared volleyballs a bomb over to take out a Machinima member. Jared wins game 4.

it is 2-2!

Jared goes down early in the fifth, and Lauren can't hold on. Machinima wins game 5 and 6.

Jared goes down early in the 7th game, and it is down to Lauren. She gets taken out, and Machinima win game 7.

Machinima wins 5-2.

It's all down to Skee Ball!

Game 3 - Skeeball Edit

ScrewAttack vs Machinima Game 3 - Skeeball
Upload Date March 5th 2012
Hosts Craig, Chad, Lauren, Jared, Machinima, Nathan Barnett
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


Machinima won game 2, and it is all down to Skee Ball. Nathan says that he is good at Skee Ball. Craig introduces how the game will work. It will be teams of 3, three rounds of 1v1. Scores are cumulative, higher team score wins.

Chad goes first. ScrewAttack 100 vs Machinima 170 after round 1. They get tickets for Beiber dolls and chant!

Jared is up next. Jared gets 180, while Machinima gets 190. ScrewAttack 280 vs Machinima 360 after round 2.

It comes down to Craig. Craig taunts by standing in his opponent's face. Craig scored 130 to Machinima's 200.

The final score is 410 vs 560. Machinima wins.

Craig concludes the show. Everyone applauds for Machinima, and Craig is given the Bieber funds. Craig hopes for a different result next time.

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