Dorkly is the second website that ScrewAttack took on in ScrewAttack vs The Internet.

ScrewAttack vs The Internet - Challenge #2 Edit

This video has Craig introduce Dorkly as the next challenges.

Dorkly responds... Challenge Accepted! Edit

Dorkly responds... Challenge Accepted!
Upload Date April 1st 2012
Hosts Bryan Murphy and Owen Parcence of Dorkly
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


Two members of Dorkly have blurred out faces, and have disguised their voices. They are the editors of Dorkly. ScrewAttack accused them of not having a personality. It is ridiculous how they didn't know who runs Dorkly. When Dorkly is faced with a challenge, they make a video about Portal! The two argue, and correct themselves with that they don't back down from a challenge.

They think that ScrewAttack beat Machinima, and state that they are good at video games and will beat ScrewAttack. The blur disappears, and they say it went well, before stating each other's names, shaking hands and staring angrily into the camera.

ScrewAttack vs Dorkly - Our Games are Selected! Edit

ScrewAttack vs Dorkly - Our Games are Selected!
Upload Date April 15th 2012
Hosts Craig
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


Craig says that the Dorkly guys are dumb because ScrewAttack lost to Machinima. Craig announces the date and location. The games chosen are Worms Armegeddon, Super Mario Kart: Battle Mode, Double Dragon Mode B.

ScrewAttack vs Dorkly - The Games are Selected! Edit

After an episode of Screwin' Around, Craig has the paper with the games on them and put them in the hat. Sean pulls out the first game. The first game is Double Dragon.

Ben tells Craig not to look as it will ruin the excitement. Sean pulls out the second game, which is Mario Kart. Craig says how it was like this last time, where two of ScrewAttack's games came out first.

ScrewAttack vs Dorkly - The Games are Selected!
Upload Date April 26th 2012
Hosts Sean, Craig, Bryan, Ben, Lauren
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


Sean wants WarioWare. WCW is chosen. Craig wants Sean to draw from here on out! Craig is happy with the game choices. It is a week away!

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