ScrewAttack vs Dorkly is the second ScrewAttack vs The Internet.

Super Mario Kart Edit

ScrewAttack vs Dorkly - Super Mario Kart
Upload Date May 7th 2012
Hosts Craig, the Dorkly guys, brentalfloss, Bryan
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


A recap of the videos released so far is shown.

Dorkly's announcement was released in comic form showing their game choices. Craig, at the event asks the crowd to cheer for their web site. Dorkly just showed up to be polite.

The first game is Super Mario Kart.

The first game is brentalfloss vs Jeff.

Brent is Toad, and Jeff is Peach. Brent can't hear the music to sing to. Brent dodges a red shell, but gets hit by a second. Brent is hit again. Brent hits a green shell, and loses 3-0.

The second match is Julia vs Bryan. Craig begs to Bryan to win. They choose the ice track! Bryan gets the first hit with a red shell. Julia misses with a red shell, and Julia gets hit by a green shell. Bryan prepares a red shell, and hits Julia to win. The crowd cheers for Bryan.

The third match is Brian vs Craig. They bump into each other at the start, and Craig has changed characters to Mario. Craig throws a red shell, which chases Brian for a long time, just to hit a wall. Craig dodges a red shell with a feather, but it comes back to hit him anyway. Craig gets hit by another red shell, before attacking with two more quick shells. A third quick red shell seals the win for Craig.

The Mario Kart results are 2-1 in favor of ScrewAttack.

After game 1, ScrewAttack lead 1-0

Double Dragon Edit

ScrewAttack vs Dorkly - Double Dragon
Upload Date May 8th 2012
Hosts Craig, Dorkly, Sam, Jared
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


The next game is Double Dragon. Everyone is cheering "Mode B", and Brian tries to change it to "Dorkly". Andrew from Dorkly has played Double Dragon for twenty minutes of an emulator. Craig tells him that he sucks!

Round 1: Sam vs Andrew. Sam gets the first kick in. They are evenly matched, and hit each other at the same time constantly! Sam wins in a close match. Craig congratulates him on doing so well with so little practice. Sam is excited with how evenly matched they were.

Round 2: Craig vs Jeff. Craig throws a knife to start out. They constantly bump into each other!. Craig picks up the knife and throws it. Craig wins with a third knife throw. Jeff congratulates Craig, and someone else from Dorkly tells Jeff to talk smack! Craig sucks!

Round 3: Jared vs Julia. Julia gets the first hit, but Jared soon takes the lead. Julia takes the lead back. Jared gets back in front with a close game, and they knock each other out and have a draw! Jared and Julia cheer together! Julia's strategy was a run and jump, while Jared's was a 'slap and tickle'!

ScrewAttack wins 2.5 - 0.5.

The result is a 2-0 win to ScrewAttack.

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