ScrewAttack goes to see Santa! is a video from 2011.

ScrewAttack goes to see Santa!
Upload Date December 22nd 2011
Hosts Craig, Bryan, Nick, Sam, Chad, Sean, Ben, Jared, Lauren
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is driving. It's time to go see Santa. Bryan is excited. All the ScrewAttack crew members are going. Ben will say that he wants a pony, and Craig will laugh at him!

Nick is wearing the same sweater as last year. Nick bought it before they went last year, and it has been in his trunk ever since. It smells weird!

Everyone gets around Santa. The photo gets taken. They go look at the picture. Nick looks horrifying again! Last year, Nick had a horrifying expression last year. Nick is looking off to nowhere. Nick can't take a picture. Sam says that Nick is the least photogenic person in the world.

Chad puts on a silly face for a picture. Craig looks proudly at the photo at all the good looking people - except for Nick!

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