ScrewAttack for President is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

ScrewAttack for President
Cast Jose, Destin, Ben, Craig, Chad, Bryan
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2008
Clip / Ad Hail to the Chimp

Synopsis Edit

The ScrewAttack crew attempt to pitch themselves to be a candidate for presidency. Note that the clip switches constantly between each crew member, while this synopsis discusses each of the crew in the order they first appeared.

Jose: Jose has no idea what he would do if he were president. Jose would unite USA with Mexico - or at least be gaming buddies - or at least send them a friend request on XBox Live. Jose has no idea what he'll do after that, so he leaves to kill terrorists (on COD 4).

Destin: The first thing he would do is nuke everybody else because everybody else sucks. He wants to nuke everyone because he is a douchbag, and everyone hates him so he wants revenge. Vote for Destin because FTW, which means "F*** the world". Destin is confused by his script. Dustin's vice-presidential candidate claims there will be nothing but war if nothing is done. This person is Jack Thompson - and again cuts himself off at his own script and wonders who typed it.

Craig: He mentions their independence. Anyone who stands against him will explode. Craig's staff will not take breaks until they are the number 1 nation of the USA. He then thinks about what he just said.

Ben: Ben wants world peace. The crowd cheers. Ben continues to be cheered and he thanks them all. Eventually, someone puts a gun to Ben's head.

Bryan: Bryan has no idea what he is doing. Bryan's platform is - well, he doesn't have one.

Screwy: Screwy tries to make his speech but is punched.

Chad: Chad admits the economy has problems, but he has a solution. With the proper funding, Chad's proposal will ensure the economy does not continue to fail. By the end of the video, Chad has enough funding from an anonymous source, and that everyone in America should buy merchandise from

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