ScrewAttack cheats Mega64? (ScamAttack?) - Mega64 is a video from 2014.

ScrewAttack cheats Mega64? (ScamAttack?) - Mega64
Upload Date July 18th 2014
Hosts Mega 64, Bryan, Craig, Shaun
Series ScrewAttack vs The Internet


Synopsis Edit

Mega 64 made a video showing themselves as visionaries and champions. The Mega 64 crew are shown, with fans cheering "64". People chant for "ButtAttack", and Bryan is shown. ScrewAttack is evil.

Footage of Mega 64 losing ScrewAttack vs Mega 64 is shown. They lost Dorito's Crash Course. They won Parappa the Rapper. They played Kirby Superstar, which ScrewAttack won -  despite the game glitching. Garrett Alan Hunter was killed.

But, did Mega 64 really lose? Mega 64 accuses Craig of spilling water onto the electronics to cause the effect on purpose! They accused ScrewAttack of modding the Doritos game. There were sticky controllers.They will return to defeat ScrewAttack in 2015.

They decided that PeanutButterGamer should be exiled for 1 year!

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