ScrewAttack and Destructoid: How to build a website at PAX '11 is a panel from 2011.

Part 1 Edit

ScrewAttack and Destructoid: How to build a website at PAX '11 Pt 1
Upload Date September 15th 2011
Hosts Craig, Destructoid (Niero and John)
Series Panels


Niero only expected around 20 people to show up. Craig asks everyone if they are ready to talk about serious business. Niero discusses how he got the idea for a panel. He asks the crowd who has heard that there are too many gaming sites. They all discuss where they were ten years ago. John is introduced. He has unicorns on his part of the desk!

John's show didn't exist a year ago. He has 35 million views over the last nine months. Niero shows his slide show and begins the presentation. Craig wants to point out how hard it is. It is "Katy Perry" hard! Craig talks about Bryan and how they get emails coming in constantly, and also has to do camera work and editing.

John finds that it is difficult to talk to people when requesting a game, especially when they don't speak the same language. You have to assume that the PR people know nothing about you each time, you must give them information about you. It takes every working hour to work. Craig used to be athletic, then he worked at ScrewAttack and put on weight!

You will sacrifice friends and family by starting this. Niero states that he needs to apologize to people for needing to work on the website. Niero shows what his site looked like in 2006. Then Craig shows what his site looked like in 2006! Craig talks about when they started, they thought nobody was doing radio shows about video games. Then they discovered podcasts, and everyone was doing them!

Craig got his brother to quickly put together a web site. The next version of ScrewAttack was shown. A friend of Craig's built the site over a weekend, and until the third version, they had to build every page. Craig shows the current site, which they hate!

ScrewAttack hadn't been able to update the site in years, as the company that built it moved on. ScrewAttack will be launching a new site really soon. They show the new website. Niero accidentally skips it! Craig discusses the site.

Every day you learn something new from making websites. Niero discusses how everything is cheaper than it was before. The industry has grown. A lot more people watch video game content than other content. They stress to people to not wait to build a website, and to do it now.

Part 2 Edit

ScrewAttack and Destructoid: How to build a website at PAX '11 Pt 2
Upload Date September 15th 2011
Hosts Craig, Destructoid (Niero and John)
Series Panels


Craig discusses to look at what is already out there, and try to do something different. Niero talks about how original content is original to their site, that can't be found anywhere else. They ask what has made Zero Punctuation successful. It has to be original, new, and entertaining.

Niero talks about other users who aren't as good, but they are more successful because they are consistent. John shows how unpredictable his show is. When he first started, nobody cared, but now they do. He is prepared to do anything stupid!

John explains that when he starts talking about something smart, people tune out, so he has to do something stupid again! Craig comments that that is pretty smart! Craig talks about how they do food eating contests, particularly the salsa challenge.

Ben was taken to the hospital, and it went in his eyes! Craig took his shirt off, and dip it in a bird bath to help Ben not be blinded! The video is pretty popular. It made them look really dumb! John is prepared to try a salsa eating challenge, and he used to be a wrestler.

Niero explains that people want to be entertained. They look at amusing pictures of John, which can't be seen by the camera. Craig explains that everyone is up against Fox and other big entertainment companies that earn more in a day than you will in your life. It is important to think about money, not just making videos.

You would need to Tweet information out so people can find you. Craig quit everything to start ScrewAttack, and for the first year the ScrewAttack HQ was his parent's kitchen. Craig's parents didn't know what ScrewAttack was, and they still don't know. Niero has a list of things to consider such as having ads on your website.

Part 3 Edit

ScrewAttack and Destructoid: How to build a website at PAX '11 Pt 3
Upload Date September 16th 2011
Hosts Craig, Destructoid (Niero and John)
Series Panels


Niero talks about how websites are made for free, and that people should ask for help. Google Analytics can surprise people with what is popular. It's free and needs to be paid attention to. Niero discusses how key words can allow more traffic to come through. Creating even a not very popular site can help a lot.

They start taking questions.

Q) How long did it take to go from the start to a point where they continued saying they were successful.

A) Craig doesn't think they are successful. If you sit back and call yourself a success, other websites will go right past you. If you are looking for a lot of money, you're going to put yourself in a bad place. It is cheaper to start up these days.

Destructoid isn't profitable. They earn more money each year, and are more popular each year. The trend is to have community support from day one. John jokes that he is super successful! He has nothing that works, and he lives here!

Craig hates the fact that they can't do what they want to do on the site. They couldn't add new technology to the site.

A lot of the older websites are gone because it cost too much, and they went out of business.

Q) What is the best way to get picked up and meet people?

A) Use Facebook and Twitter, go to the events. The industry is very small, as everyone knows each other. Be social and visible. John slept in his car, and went to Mexico to ask about Red Dead Redemption.

Q) This person has a channel and shows. Even though he has a passion for it, he struggles to cover everything.

A) Find something and hone in on it. Use Google Analytics to find which one is being the most viewed. Niero suggests to have a variety of different types of shows, and see which ones work the best. Feel free to fail.

They now show the video of Ben and Nick eating salsa. Craig runs off to dip his shirt in the water.

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