ScrewAttack Responds to Soulja Boy's Challenge is a video from 2008.

ScrewAttack Responds to Soulja Boy's Challenge
Upload Date some time in 2008
Hosts Craig, Chad, Jose, Ben, Destin
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

The gang are all wearing hoodies and caps. Craig informs Soulja Boy that he issued a challenge, and ScrewAttack are throwing the challenge back. They will play Call of Duty, Halo 3 and Pokemon. Craig shows the games they have, and throws the boxes onto the floor. He gets Jose to hump the games. They will make Soulja Boy Soulja Bitch! Craig shows all their games again. They peace out.

Translation Edit

Everyone now looks normal. Craig says that Soulja Boy threw down the challenge, and Craig introduces everyone, and offer the challenge. Jose will kick Soulja Boy's ass in Call of Duty 4, Chad will kick his ass in Halo 3, and Destin will kick his ass in Gears 2. Craig will kick his ass in Street Fighter.

If ScrewAttack wins, they get nothing and Soulja Boy concedes that he lost. If Soulja Boy wins, they will buy his song. They will challenge Soulja Boy to any game at any time in any place. They want Soulja Boy to back up his claims.

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