ScrewAttack Mario Kart is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

ScrewAttack Mario Kart
Cast Ben, Craig, Jose
Intro Host Corey
Upload Date June 27th 2008
Clip / Ad Super Mario Kart

Synopsis Edit

After the Iron Man of Gaming, the crew wind down with some Mario Kart in real life, but they didn't expect some characters to come to crash the party. Ben is Mario, Craig is Luigi, and Jose is himself.

There is footage of the crew driving around a go-cart track dressed as the Mario Kart characters. Craig (Luigi) throws a red shell at Ben (Mario), who plows into a wall. Craig (Luigi) celebrates on the top of the podium. Ben and Jose are upset as they stand in second and third. Ben (Mario) punches Craig (Luigi) in the balls.

Ben (Mario) and Craig (Luigi) then play golf. Ben (Mario) celebrates his putting skills, and Craig (Luigi) hits him over the head with the club.

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