The crew compete in identifying candy.

ScrewAttack Halloween Candy Eating Contest
Upload Date Halloween 2009
Hosts Craig, Corey, Jose, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig introduces the video and how the competition works, showing the blindfolded contestants. A piece of candy is put in front of the contestants, they will put the candy in their mouths and the first to raise their hand and give the correct answer gets a point. Whoever wins gets a free lunch, and last place has to have a sharpie monocle for a day. They will also have to speak in an English accent, and say mwaahh after every sentence.

They eat the first candy. Corey guesses the first one correctly. Jose raises his hand but doesn't answer. Ben guesses the kit kat. Corey correctly guesses the whopper. Jose guesses wrong. Corey and Ben both knew, but Corey was in first. Corey is disgusted by the next candy. The next candy is for old people. Corey guesses correctly before it even gets into her mouth.

Craig gives Corey Jose's almond joy. Ben gets another one correct on his second guess. Jose finally gets his first correct answer. For some reason, beef jurkey was in the competition.

The last candy is worth 3 points. Jose and Ben both guess wrong, and Corey refused to answer allowing her to win overall.

Jose is upset.

The final scores were Corey 4, Ben 3, Jose 1.

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