The Arcade Competition was a competition held between 9 competitors from the ScrewAttack office to celebrate them leaving their current HQ. Craig was the host. They played three games where the winner of each game received 10 points.

Game 1 - F-Zero Edit

ScrewAttack HQ Competition - Game #1 (F-Zero)
Upload Date August 11th 2014
Hosts Craig, Shaun, Ben, Sam, Chad, Austin, Sean, Bryan, Parker, John
Series Random Awesomeness


It is the last day of the current HQ. Craig is making an arcade tournament. The games that are being played are F-Zero, Puzzle Bobble and Strikers 1945. The competition will be done Iron-Man style. Sean plays first. Sam thinks he went OK, and Chad will do worse!

Chad knows Sam beat him, and Chad hits a lot of walls. Parker has never played F-Zero before. Parker beats both Sam and Chad! Ben bounces off some walls at the end. Shaun is nervous watching Bryan. Shaun almost beats the computer built in time. Shaun came first, Bryan came second, and surprisingly, Parker came third.

John asks how he did. Craig tells him he came last.

Results Edit

Competitor Time Rank
Sam 2'26'07 5th
Chad 2'26'67 6th
Parker 2'24'45 3rd
Ben 2'25'75 4th
Bryan 2'23'61 2nd
Shaun 2'20'68 1st
Austin ???? ?
Sean ???? ?
John ???? 9th

Note: Austin, Sean and John did not have their times shown, although apparently John came last.

Game 2 - Puzzle Bobble VS Mode Edit

ScrewAttack HQ Competition - Game #2 (Puzzle Bobble VS Mode)
Upload Date August 12th 2014
Hosts Craig, Shaun, Chad, Sean, Bryan, Ben, Austin, Parker
Series Random Awesomeness


Craig introduces the video. Austin plays Chad first. Chad advances. Ben beats Chad. Bryan uses the bathroom before playing so he is free of burdens. Bryan beats Sean. Shaun doesn't feel too good about this game, but he still wins. Parker plays John, and Parker advances.

Sometimes Ben plays well, and other times Ben plays badly. Bryan plays against Ben, and Ben advances without even looking at what was going on. Shaun and Parker are both in the top three, and could take a big hit with a loss. Parker makes a mistake at the end, and Shaun wins. Ben yells at Parker for shooting himself out.

Neither finalist is confident. Shaun beats Ben. Shaun's victory is the result of other people's faults.

Shaun is in first, Ben is in second, and Bryan is third overall. Shaun is kind of a dick! Craig wonders why people like him.

Results Edit

Winners are in bold.

Round 1 Edit

  • Austin vs Chad
  • Chad vs Ben
  • Bryan vs Sean
  • Sam vs Shaun
  • Parker vs John

Round 2 Edit

  • Bryan vs Ben
  • Parker vs Shaun

Final Edit

  • Shaun vs Ben

Game 3 - Strikers 1945 Edit

ScrewAttack HQ Competition - Game #3 (Strikers 1945)
Upload Date August 13th 2014
Hosts Craig, Ben, Shaun, Chad, John, Austin, Parker, Sam, Bryan, Sean
Series Random Awesomeness


Shaun will play first in Strikers 1945. Shaun has dominated so far. Shaun has only played this game a little bit. Shaun needs Ben to make some mistakes. Bryan goes third, and doesn't do as well as the others. Parker has practiced on this game a little bit, and does not do well. He gets - infinity!

Austin's instinct is to fly into bullets. Ben needs a few more people to beat Shaun's score. Sam is happy with his score considering he has never played before. Ben thanks Sam for beating Shaun. Chad and Sean both also fall between Shaun and Ben's scores.

There was an error on the scoreboard, and they are tied going into the final game. Ben and Shaun chant and taunt. Shaun tries to bribe John - and spits on Ben. John beats Shaun's score. John tries to beat Ben, but dies just before he beat Ben's score. Shaun complains about the faulty buttons. Ben tries to shake Shaun's hand, but he walks off - and psychs Ben. They shake.

Chad awards Ben with a hammer. Shaun wants Ben to hit John with it. Chad soon takes it back. Ben wins his pride for the first time at ScrewAttack. Ben is the last champion for this office. Ben and Austin high five after the victory.

Craig comments on the awkward ending.

Results Edit

Competitor Score Rank
Shaun 173,000 6th
Ben 271,800 2nd
Bryan 170,000 7th
Parker - infinity 9th
Austin 113,900 8th
Sam 247,800 3rd
Chad 201,700 5th
Sean 208,700 4th
John 263,800 1st

Final Results Edit

1st. Ben 2nd. Sean 3. Bryan

Official scores were never released, and some results were never shown. However, 10 points were awarded to the winner of each game since Shaun had 20 points after round 2.

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