Hardcore Zach's HQ Visit is a video from 2011.

ScrewAttack Grants a Wish - Hardcore Zach's HQ Visit
Upload Date October 13th 2011
Hosts Craig, Lauren, Jared, Sean, Bryan, Nick, Chad, Ben, Ian
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack received a message from the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada. The crew are at the airport waiting for Zach. He will be spending an entire week with the ScrewAttack crew. The entire crew are here with a sign that says "Welcome Zach". ScrewAttack is granting a wish!

The crew wait for Zach to arrive as they stand around. Zach and his family soon come down the escalator, and Zach is awestruck. Zach meets everyone. He doesn't see Ben with the camera until Chad points him out. Chad gives him the last Iron Man of Gaming T-Shirt, and other merchandise. Jared comments that they figures that he didn't bring any clothes with him!

The next day, Zach and his family arrives at the HQ. Zach meets Ian. They head into the news room, where Sean explains that they write news! A board falls off a wall and everyone laughs and cheers. Nick is excited that it wasn't his fault! Craig shows off Jared's desk, which is the couch with a laptop on it.

Craig does a tour including where they film Sidescrollers. Zach will be apart of today's Hard News. Craig helps him put on the jacket, and Zach poses at the desk. He is a natural at posing at the desk.

Craig pushes Zach into the voice over room, which was previously used as a trash compactor in ScrewAttack: The Game. Zach will also be on the new live show Screwin' Around.

Zach discusses that he will be studying Computer Science. He wants to work in a university. Craig says to follow his passions including video games.

Footage of the Screwin' Around episode is shown, where they played Super Smash bros, Wayne Gretzkey's 3D Hockey, and Mario Kart 64. Zack is at Cici's, where he eats 30 pizzas. He is now full!

Everyone is in the same room together, and Craig is about to do something that has never been done before. He is going to give Zach his hat of awesomeness. The one on his head. He takes the hat off, and the video distorts. Craig puts on a different hat. Craig is holding the hat, and no one will ever get to see under the hat again. They all say goodbye, and Craig tells Zach not to tell anyone what he saw under the hat!

Zach and his family leave. Craig says that he feels good. Nick says that they forgot their sign, and there is a set of balloons in the shape of Zach's name!

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