ScrewAttack Europe was a branch of the ScrewAttack company starting in 2006, and it's HQ was located in London, UK. The hosts were "UK" Wez (Wesley Lock) and "Guru" Larry (Larry Bundy Jr). In September 2010, the pair left ScrewAttack due to contractual issues with the main ScrewAttack. Once they left, they continued making the same contact, but dropped the ScrewAttack title and used their own names.

There were several shows that were made by ScrewAttack Europe that were posted onto the regular ScrewAttack site. This included "Games Yanks Can't Wank" (about games that aren't released in the US), Hack-Job (a machinima-based sketch show), Pop-up Review (a review show which posts false facts about games - a parody of Pop-Up Video) and Guru Larry's Retro Corner.

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