ScrewAttack @ The Movies - Tekken: Blood Vengeance is a video from 2011.

ScrewAttack @ The Movies - Tekken: Blood Vengeance
Upload Date late July - August 2011
Hosts Jared, Nick, Bryan, Ben, Craig, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Jared, Nick and Bryan are at the cinemas all wearing 3D glasses. They are in Louisville, Texas. On his first take, Jared says Tekken instead of Texas! On Jared's second take, Ben walks in front of the camera! They are watching Tekken: Blood Vengeance in 3D. You need to know the secret password to see the movie, and it isn't advertised anywhere!

Bryan thinks it will be bad. Craig and Chad are walking inside. A bunch of g1's are watching the film with them. In the theater, Nick asks if there are any g1's with them. Several people put their hands up. Chad thinks it will be horrible. There is only one showing, and there is no marquee.

Craig tells Ben to shake everyone's hands. Ben says it will be hard to do. Craig says the same to Nick who replies that he didn't wash his hands! Nick shakes some g1's hands with his pee hands. Craig asks some g1's if they are ready for the movie. Some people pretend to be excited. Craig apologizes to some g1's for wasting their money! 

Craig asks everyone (including the crew) what they thought of the film. Everyone is speechless. "It was a movie". Jared and Ben say it was terrible. Chad thought it was awesome.

The panda was the only saving grace of the movie. Everyone liked the panda. Craig pretends to punch Chad. Jared reviews how bad it was. He is angry at the incorrect pronunciation of one of the character's names!

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