ScrewAttack: The Game is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

ScrewAttack: The Game
Cast Nick, Chad, Drake, Jared, Lauren, Sean, Bryan, Bowser
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date September 17th 2011
Clip / Ad Pokémon Red and Blue

Synopsis Edit

Nick lies on the floor to introduce the Clip of the Week and opens up his eyes and looks really creepy.

Nick gets the idea to make ScrewAttack: The Game by putting everything ScrewAttack into a trash compactor. He pulls Craig away from his computer. Craig complains that he has emails. Nick then calls Bowser and gives him to Craig.

Nick steals the news team’s candy, and Lauren, Sean, Drake and Jared chase after Nick into the trash compactor. Bryan is walking out of a room while using his phone. Nick helps him into the direction of the trash compactor.

Nick then finds a bunch of gaming stuff and throws it all in. Chad comes out wondering what is going on, and Nick grabs him, and forces him in.

Everyone yells at Nick. Nick shuts the door, turns the compactor on, and then opens it to find that he just destroyed ScrewAttack.

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