ScrewAttack's Gone Broke is a Clip of the Week from 2013.

ScrewAttack's Gone Broke
Cast Craig, Bryan, Sean, Ben, Nick, Sam (as Rafiki Mufasa)
Intro Host none
Upload Date March 2nd 2013
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Craig is wrapping up the meeting and has a big announcement. Bryan, Sean, Ben and Nick watch on. Craig received an email from a prince named Rafiki Mufasa from Africa. It is about investing in his Pride Rock mining company. Craig was told to 'be prepared' for a large return, and he 'just can't wait' to be business partners. Craig invested all of ScrewAttack's assets minus $500 screwing over the company.

Sean suggests that he could hore his body out again. Ben suggests to sell his sperm. Nick will set up a lemonade stand on his street corner.

They end up going to a casino with their $500. They lose the lot. Rafiki Mufasa arrives, and he and Craig hug. Turns out, the investment was legitimate. They say Hakuna Matata to each other and Rafiki leaves.

They decide to head back to the casino.

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