SGC stands for ? is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

SGC stands for ?
Cast Craig, Bryan, Drake, Sean, Lauren, Chad, Ben, Nick
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date July 28th 2012
Clip / Ad The previous SGC Stands for video - ScrewAttack Gaming Cat

Synopsis Edit

Those teasers were put out to tease what SGC was all about. Now that they are Kickstarting SGC 2013, maybe it stands for something else.

These were all suggested by g1's.

Sam goes to Canada - Sam's empty chair is spinning.

Some Guy Chad - Chad looks around, and is cut off just as he begins to speak.

Suck Giant C*%$ - Nick reads out the next suggestion, but doesn't want to read the last word. He stares at the camera in disapproval.

Sean gets cut - Sean has a bag taken off his head, and scissors put in front of his face. He is revealed to be tied up, and two people in balaclavas surround him and hold a sword up to his face. Sean screams.

Scrotum growing cactus - Bryan, Nick, Drake and Chad look in amazement at the cactus as it grows.

Still guarding cookies - Lauren sneaks up to cookies and tries to steal them. A sandwich appears behind her. One of the suggestions in the original videos was Sandwich Guarding Cookies.

Super Gargantuan Cockfighting - Two giant cuccos are fighting and destroy a city.

Craig says that SGC doesn't really have meaning any more, but it is a great party, and they just need to make it happen. He looks down and winks, encouraging the viewer to click on the Kickstarter in the description below the video.

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