SGC 2009 was the first time the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention was held. It was held at the Westin Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport in Dallas Texas. It was held between the 3rd - 5th of July. The most significant item at SGC 2009 was a panel featuring Jack Thompson, infamous for being against video games. Corey was in charge of organizing SGC 2009.

Guest List Edit

  • Angry Video Game Nerd
  • brentalfloss
  • Destructoid
  • Achievement Hunter (Rooster Teeth)
  • OC Remix
  • Rey Jimenez (Capcom Producer)
  • DJ Pretzel
  • Terminal Reality
  • The Star Wars 501st Legion
  • The Ghostbusters

List of Events Edit

July 3rd Edit

  • 9am SGC Registration Opens
  • 10am Iron-Man of Gaming - 1st Round
  • 10am Tabletop Gaming Open / Free Play
  • 11.30am Cartridge Dust Blowing Competition
  • 12 noon Dealer's Room
  • 12 noon Gamma Pride Presents... Gamma Pride
  • 12 noon Tabletop Gaming - Robotech: Macross Saga RPG
  • 1pm Speedrun Competition
  • 1.30pm Get to Know Corey, Chad, & Destin
  • 2pm Life in a Game: The Game
  • 2pm Illuminati Card Game
  • 2.30pm Partners Pac-Man Competition
  • 3pm Nolan Bushnell Autograph Session
  • 4pm Get to Know Stuttering Craig
  • 4.30pm Destructoid Invades SGC
  • 5pm Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG
  • 5pm myvidsdontsuck Winner Announcement
  • 6pm Nolan Bushnell's Keynote Address
  • 6pm Star Wars SAGA RPG (1-3rd level)
  • 7pm Life in a Game: Season Finale
  • 7.30pm VIP Party
  • 7.30pm Live Audience LAN Show
  • 9pm MMO Players Unite: World of Warcraft
  • 10.30pm Celebrity Uncensored & Unscripted
  • 11pm Live Movie Commentary

July 4th Edit

  • midnight Tabletop Gaming Open / Free Play
  • 5am MUGEN
  • 8am Corey's Old School Saturday Morning Cartoons Extravaganza!
  • 9am SGC Registration Opens
  • 9.30am Blind Folded Sonic Competition
  • 9.30am g1 Movie Choice Madness
  • 9.30am Star Wars SAGA RPG (4-6th level)
  • 10am Iron-Man of Gaming - 2nd round
  • 10am Dealer's Room
  • 11am Meet the ScrewAttack crew
  • 11.30am Careers in Gaming... Other than Design
  • 12 noon Fluxx, Zombie, or Monty Python Card Game
  • 1pm Speedrun Competition
  • 1pm Q&A Session: Jack Thompson
  • 1pm Low Budget Film Making
  • 1.30pm Life in a Game: The Game
  • 2.30pm ScrewAttack Eating Competition
  • 2.30pm Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix's Rey Jimenez and OCRemix
  • 4pm Tge Methenitis vs Thompson Debate
  • 5pm How to Beat Anyone at Any Fighter
  • 5.30pm Angry Video Game Nerd Panel
  • 6.30pm Angry Video Game Nerd Autograph Session
  • 6.30pm Craig Takes on All Challengers
  • 6.30pm Robotech: Southern Cross / Macross
  • 7pm brentalfloss Sing-A-Long!
  • 8pm Cosplay Contest
  • 8pm How to Become a Pro-Gamer
  • 9pm Metal Gear Ben
  • 10pm Battle of the Rock Bands Competition
  • 10pm Seen it All Done Much Worse
  • 11.30 Bryon's Ping Pong Challenge

July 5th Edit

  • midnight Tabletop Gaming Open / Free play
  • midnight Saturday Night Rave
  • 9am SGC Registration Opens
  • 9am YouTube Hell
  • 9.30am Star Wars RPG (4-6th level)
  • 10am Dealer's Room
  • 10am Get to Know Ben, Jose, Nick & Bryan
  • 11am Iron-Man of Gaming - 3rd Round
  • 11am Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix Tournament
  • 11am Star Wars SAGA RPG (7-9th level)
  • 11.30am Why Guys Don't Care What Girls Think About Gaming and the Evolution of Nerd Culture
  • 1pm Talking Classics with Keith Apicary
  • 2pm Iron-Man of Gaming Award Ceremony
  • 3pm ScrewAttack Khallenge
  • 3pm g1 Movie Choice Madness
  • 9.30am Starting Your Own Website

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