Ryan Strikes back is a Clip of the Week from 2010. This is Ryan's goodbye video.

Ryan Strikes Back
Cast Ben, Ryan, Jose, Nick, Chad, Craig
Intro Host Ben (with Ryan)
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Hitman 2

Synopsis Edit

There is a leak in the ceiling where Ben is filming the Clip of the Week. He calls Ryan in to fix it. Ryan pleads with Ben to not make him do it, because it is his last day at ScrewAttack. Ryan also saw a tornado inside a tornado. Ben gives him a ratchet in order to fix it.

Once the clip has been shown, Ryan is seen bludgeoning Ben to death with the ratchet. Ryan is asking Ben how it feels to die after it has happened so many times to him. He realizes it is out of character, and stops hitting Ben. However, he can't stop now.

Destin is hosting Hard News, and Ryan puts a gun to his head. Ryan shoots Destin. Ryan hits Nick with a 2 by 4. Nick complains that this is the slowest death of all time. Ryan ninja slaps Jose. Jose wonders what is was, before he collapses and dies.

Chad enters the packaging room asking if Ryan got all the packages out. He sees a scrunch up piece of paper on the wall asking if ScrewAttack ships internationally. Chad sarcastically laughs thinking that Ryan is joking. He gets more concerned when he sees more papers, some of which have blood on them. He soon realizes that he is going to get murdered. Ryan puts his heart in a box to send to a g1.

Craig returns from Japan and wonders where everyone is. Ryan comes out with a gun, and shoots at Craig. Craig catches the bullet, saying that he learned ninja skills while in Japan. Ryan teleports, and stabs Craig from behind dressed as a ninja, like he did in Japanese Game Show.

The clip ends with Ryan walking through a field, with his katana, with the words "Thanks Ryan! We'll miss ya!"

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