Rosetta Stone: Fighter Edition is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Rosetta Stone: Fighter Edition
Cast Bryan, Chad, Ben, Lauren, Sean, Nick, Jared, Craig, Sam
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date November 19th 2011
Clip / Ad Rosetta Stone

Synopsis Edit

What are Rosetta Stone doing about the languages that are forming within the gaming community?

Bryan and Chad are playing a fighting game. Bryan gets angry after Chad thrashes him, and Ben wants to play the next game. Chad uses phrases to describe how he beat Bryan that Ben doesn't understand. Lauren steps in and advertises the new Rosetta Stone: Fighter Edition software.

Sean says that he has tried other software to help him learn the lingo, but he couldn't understand it. He describes Rosetta Stone: Fighter Edition as a 'K.O.' Nick used to be a scrub, but now he is godlike. Lauren reappears and states that the software shows the student what they need to know. Ben watches gaming commentary and has a pen and paper. Mike "Hob0wn3d" Smith (Sam) has been playing fighting games for years, and this software is accurate. Jared says "It's good" and is cut off. Craig learned how to tell people that they sucked in no time.

Ben wins his game and uses the gaming lingo Chad used earlier. Ben gives a thumbs up to the camera. Lauren tells the viewer to call or check out the website. The number is 772-257-4501. She also advertises the MMO version. Chad uses MMO phrases, and again, Ben doesn't understand.

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