Retro Voice Command is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Retro Voice Command
Cast Craig, Chad, Bryan, Sean, Jared, Lauren
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date March 3rd 2012
Clip / Ad Mass Effect 3 (Better with Kinect)

Synopsis Edit

Craig wants to imagine if retro games had Kinect voice features.

Craig and Chad are playing Contra. Craig is doing badly, so he steals a life. They lose and Chad is mad at Craig.

Sean is playing Mortal Kombat. He grunts to make Sindel's scream fatality, and wins.

Bryan is playing Kirby, and orders Kirby to "suck it". Kirby swallows an enemy.

Craig is playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and when Navi says "hey" and "listen", Craig repeats it.

Lauren is playing Sim City, and Sean enters and asks her if she has heard about the tornadoes in Illinois. A tornado appears in the game and destroys it. Lauren is angry at Sean.

Jared is playing Top Gun, and controls everything to go down. Jared controls the plane to the left and right to land the plane. Surprisingly, he is successful, and raises his arms in triumph.

Chad and Craig are playing Street Fighter, and both hadouken spam each other. Craig messes up his words, and uses the wrong move, and loses. He blames the controller.

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