Red Dead Posse is a video from 2010.

Red Dead Posse
Upload Date some time in 2010
Hosts Ben (as Stache), Chad (as Desperado), Jose (as Big Tex), Craig, Bryan, Ryan, Nick (as Nerds), Jared, Destin (as the sheriff)
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

The world is a cruel and unforgiving place, especially when finding a game without lag. Ben and his Red Dead Posse are going to strike it big! First is Desperado (Chad), the musician. Big Tex (Jose) is a sharp shooter, as long as the target is on a TV! Finally, the leader of the group is Stache (Ben). Together they are the Dirty Lapras.

The trio walks down the hallway in their western clothing. They find Craig, the barkeeper. Bryan enters and starts fanboying over the Dirty Lapras trio. He wants to join them, but Big Tex states that he is the wrong type of cowboy. Bryan is saddened.

Stache is looking for a copy of Red Dead Redemption. Craig informs them that they will need to find someone and points them to Nerds (Nick). Craig tells them how to make fun of Nerds, as he only has one testicle. The trio head over to Nerds, and Desperado plays his guitar.

Stache wakes up Nerds, who screams. Stache explains that they are looking for Red Dead Redemption. Nerd starts rambling about how he lost his arm, had his eye poked out and was shot at. He says that the game is at GameAttack, but he won't tell them how to get there. Stache pulls out his gun, and threatens Nerds. Nerds doesn't believe that he has bullets.

Ryan says that he needs to feed his twelve kids, and Stache shoots him. Ryan dies, and Nerds laughs at his death. He takes them to GameAttack.

Jared is a spruiker outside gameAttack and is selling the best game ever made. Statch asks him for a copy of Red Dead Redemption for free. Jared tells him to show some manners. He asks them if they have a preorder. They don't. Jared says that he only has one copy for the four of them. The four spread out and stare at each other.

Desperado plays his guitar. They all prepare their hands over their guns. Sherriff Destin enters and tells them that they are all arrested. Stache makes a Bon Jovi joke, and Destin tells him to stop. Jose wants to take them, but Nerds doesn't want to as Destin has duel zappers. Destin locks the four up, and Statch tells Destin that this won't be the last of the Dirty Lapras. Destin says that they should have preordered the game at GameAttack like he did.

An outtake is shown of Nick's ramblings.

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