Real World Power Ups is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Real World Power Ups
Cast Bryan, Jose, Ben, Chad, Corey, Nick, Craig, Destin
Intro Host Ben and Corey
Upload Date April 24th 2009
Clip / Ad

Synopsis Edit

Bryan has broken a light, so Jose goes to get the hammer. Jose returns with the hammer, however he is using it like a hammer is used in Donkey Kong / Super Smash Bros. Bryan instructs everyone to run and gets out of Jose's way.

The next scene shows Ben and Chad finding boot power ups on a table. Ben grabs the speed shoes from Sonic the Hedgehog, and runs out of the room really fast. Chad's power up is in a box. It is the Hover Boots from Legend of Zelda. He puts them on, only to fall over. Craig pulls out a cold sandwich from the fridge, and wants it warmed up. Nick appears with a fire flower, and breaths fire all over Craig's arm. He screams in pain.
Jose passes Corey, who uses a Morph Ball from Metroid to hide and get away. Chad hovers through the hallway and crashes into a door. Ben runs past Destin, who is attempting a Spin Attack from The Legend of Zelda, and he falls down. Cut back to Chad, who is standing up, before Ben crashes into him.

Jose is finally done with the hammer, and Bryan goes off to get the real hammer. Instead, he finds a Power Pellet from Pac-Man, and everyone else turns blue. Bryan comes into the room stating that he feels hungry.

Trivia Edit

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