Real Man of Gaming is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Real Men of Gaming
Cast Jose (voiceover only), Chad, Ryan, Bryan, Craig, Destin, Ben, Nick
Intro Host Jose and Bryan
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Bud Light (Real Men of Genius)

Synopsis Edit

Jose and Bryan are trying to look muscular as they introduce the Clip of the Week. They breathe out when they're done. Some of the stuff that they come up with at lunch is really good, but other times it isn't. Jose says that this is one of the good ones, and if it isn't, blame Bryan!

Jose introduces the Real Men of Gaming. Chad repeats this, while singing.

He introduces Craig as the Halo and Madden playing Gramer with flip-flops, kaiki pants, and backwards cap. Chad sings that they are a douche-bag (Bryan and Ryan sing backup vocals on the douche-bag). This gamer has every Madden game since 1989.

Next, Jose introduces Destin as the MMO Gamer. Jose comments that this gamer doesn't have a girlfriend, and may not even remember what one looks like, but he is really good at his game. Chad has no idea what Jose means by Destin's achievements. This gamer hasn't left the house in five years since he got the game. Chad sings that he is now allergic to sunlight. Destin tries to go outside, but shields his eyes from the sun, and turns around and goes back inside. There are so many girls online anyway (that are probably guys).

Finally, Jose introduces the Annoying-XBox-Live-twelve-year-old-kid, which is Ben. He shouldn't be playing the game, but he does anyway to annoy people.  He's automatically a pro at every game, nothing is ever his fault, he rage quits every time something doesn't go his way, and is the ultimate troll. If he ever met the people he trolls online, he would probably get his ass kicked. Craig comes in and chokes Ben and throws him onto the couch. Craig, Bryan, Destin and Nick then proced to beat Ben up. Destin is hitting him with a stick.

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