Re-evaluated is an episode of Newsroom.

Upload Date May 23rd 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Lauren tells a story about how some tramp won't let her out of the parking lot. She was old and eating a lollipop, so Lauren yelled at her until she moved her wheelchair!

Capcom has sent Jared prototypes for games that don't have on disc DLC because he said that Mega Man Legends was stupid, the new Dante looks awesome, and that he liked Operation Raccoon City. Lying was easier than promising good reviews. Lauren tells Jared that Capcom are listening to their fans and changing their stance on DLC. Jared replies that they have never done that before.

Lauren explains that apparently, there was a mob of Capcom fans outside the Capcom building and pelted Spenson with Mega Man merchandise. They also painted him blue and cyan. Jared isn't convinced that that would be enough.

His legs were broken and was bleeding. Jared still doesn't buy it. He begged to the paramedic to take him to a hospital, and the paramedic stares at him and whispers "Sorry, that's DLC". Jared now believes it. Jared and Lauren are excited to see what is in the box. Jared pulls out a tiny disc, and he admits that that is what he was expecting.

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