Ramen is an episode of Newsroom.

Upload Date June 19th 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Lauren has forgotten her date's name, and Jared thinks she will have an awful time. Jared is strapped for cash, so he has to bring his own lunch to work. He pulls out Ramen noodles, as it is all he can afford. Jared reveals that he had to spend all his money on all the games that have just come out. Jared can't see a game come out and not have it!

Lauren suggests to wait for them to get cheaper, but Jared calls her an idiot, stating that he doesn't want to be that one guy on forums who is behind, and doesn't get the jokes. No one needs to be called a worthless jackass for not playing Bioshock, a game that came out four years ago. Lauren asks if he has played Bioshock, and he replies that he did four years ago, and calls Lauren a worthless jackass.

Lauren states that we've just gone through the holiday season, and he can start saving again. However, Jared reveals that there are many other groups of release dates and lists a bunch of games, including Final Fantasy XIII, a game he didn't like.

Lauren asks if there are any days when there aren't any game releases, and Jared says that August 23rd can't have releases because it is Chinese Valentine's Day! This explains the overseas love letters Lauren always gets.

Jared makes an analogy about going to the pet store and wanting to save all the animals is the same feeling as seeing all the games in the game store. Jared is afraid that the game will be bought by someone who won't take care of it.

Lauren declares that this does makes sense and is interrupted by Jared eating the noodles without cooking them because he can't afford the water!

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