Potty Humor is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Potty Humor
Cast Jose, Corey, Destin, Nick
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Potty Putter

Synopsis Edit

Ben asks everyone in the office what they do when they are using the toilet.

Jose raids in World of Warcraft. He can take up to five hours and doesn't do his work.

Nick comes up with evil dastardly schemes. He shows one of his plans to take over the ScrewAttack office - and apparently, some people on the forums have guessed what he will be doing correctly. He will kill Craig first, nuke one office, and keep the couch. There will be a 'NickAttack' near ScrewAttack, and a nuclear missile will be shot from NickAttack to ScrewAttack, and it will go BOOM!

Whenever Corey goes into the bathroom, she plays with her toys. She begins playing with a remote controlled R2-D2.

Destin is nervous about revealing it, but he likes to dance. Destin begins dancing, and is stopped when everyone awkwardly stares at him. Destin asks doesn't everyone else do that and is met by 'Uhs'. He then looks back at the camera and says that if anyone doesn't dance when using the bathroom, they are missing out.

Destin is in the bathroom taking a long time. Nick, Corey and Jose are all queueing outside with the objects that they take to the bathroom. After yelling at Destin to get him to hurry up, Nick decides to just open the door, and reveals Destin dancing with the toilet paper. Nick quickly shuts the door.

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