Post-SGC Disorder is a Clip of the Week from 2013.

Post-SGC Disorder
Cast John, Ben, Lauren, Craig, Parker, Bryan, Sam, Sean
Intro Host John
Upload Date July 6th 2013
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

John introduces himself as one of the new guys at ScrewAttack. SGC was last week, and John wants to see how everyone is handling it. Ben is constantly autographing a whiteboard, Lauren is taking selfies, Bryan is mourning his beard, Parker thinks he is still selling shirts, and Craig is reciting the Mike Tyson code, holding and resetting a NES.

Ben appears to be in a trance, signing his name on the whiteboard. Craig is still reciting the code, and resetting the console. Lauren runs up to Parker and takes a selfie with him. Parker ignores her. John looks stunned at how badly everyone is doing.

Bryan mourns over his lost beard. It will grow again. Ben signs Craig's leg, while Craig continues to recite the numbers, and angrily resets the console. He claims that he will get Mike Tyson. Lauren runs up to Ben to get a selfie with him. Ben thinks it is a fan, and says it is nice to meet her. Ben starts scribbling all over the board.

Sam enters the room, and asks him if John saw Sam win in Mario Party. He asks if John wants a drink from his Sippysaurus. John turns him down, which aggravates Sam, and Sam tells John to learn to drink. John states that Sam is back to normal.

Sean is covered in sticky notes, with "SGC", "SGC 2014", and "Woo!" on them. He says "SGC Woo!" and sounds really tired. Someone sticks another sticky note with "SGC 2014" on him. Sean breathes in deeply.

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