Post-Halloween 09' Break Stuff is a video from 2009.

Post-Halloween 09' Break Stuff
Upload Date November 2009
Hosts Craig, Chad, Destin, Jose, Corey, Ben, Bryan, Nick
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig starts by smashing some AVGN DVD's. It's time to break stuff! Chad states that about a year ago, their DVD company screwed up a batch of DVD's, and they got it taken care of, but the other day, Chad found a whole box of them!

Craig hits the box with a baseball bat. Chad has DVD's lined up, and shoots at them. Jose uses a much smaller gun to shoot them while they're down. He jams it.

Ben throws a box to Nick, who kicks it off his knee, and then his foot! Ben laughs before Nick hits the box with the bat. However, Nick misses, and hurts his hand. He throws the DVD into the air, and the disc falls out, and Nick lets it hit the ground. He throws the disc in the air, and swings the bat towards Ben, and misses again. Chad throws several boxes towards Nick, who hits them with the bat. Once more, Nick hits the bat on the ground, hurting himself!

Destin holds a pumpkin. He throws it to Bryan, who hits it with the bat. The pumpkin falls apart. Craig shows off the mold in the pumpkin. Destin shoots the gun at the pumpkins. Craig says that you should have to be shot by a gun before you get to shoot a gun. Destin tries to take the gun off of Ben.

Craig throws a pumpkin to Chad, who hits it with the bat. Corey hits the pumpkin on the ground. She smashes it into the ground. Craig has to take the bat off her.

Chad reminds the viewers how last time everyone got to shoot him in the back with an air gun. Now he will shoot everyone with this gun, and it hits a lot harder! Jose is up first. He is in pain, and Craig says that it looks winy. Jose says that if Craig takes a hit, he will take a whole lot.

Craig wants to be shot in the butt. He is shot, and it isn't that bad. Jose gets his round, and it stings a lot. He shows off the wound.

Ben tries to shoot a pumpkin, but the gun is out of ammo. Ben complains that he never gets to break anything!

The crew continue to break stuff, including stamping on DVD's, shooting discs, and smashing stuff with the bat. Craig asks who is cleaning up, and no one wants to!

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