Polling the Public: Starscream or Rainbow Dash? is a video from 2012.

Polling the Public: Starscream or Rainbow Dash?
Upload Date May 28th 2012
Hosts Jared
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Jared is at BotCon in Dallas, and everything is Transformers related. There is one really important question that Jared has to ask everyone. Who would win between Starscream or Rainbow Dash?

The first person he asks says that Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler, and Starscream is a wuss! Jared tells him he is correct. Jared wants to find Peter Cullen and ask him. A woman wonders if this is a trick question. She says Starscream because he is a decepticon.

The next person says Rainbow Dash because she has the power of magic and Starscream constantly figures out a way to lose. The next person doesn't know. He has little faith in Starscream. Another person says Starscream without a doubt. The woman doesn't care about Rainbow Dash and she and Jared argue.

Two people laugh when asking the question and confidently say Rainbow Dash. She's 40% cooler than Starscream! Jared wasn't expecting so many people to be on Rainbow Dash's side!

Jared asks a couple of women, who both say Rainbow Dash. Jared tells the woman and the man she is with that they did 30 hours of research to find out who would win, and he calls Jared a liar!

A woman with yellow hair gives a very detailed and coherent answer, giving several reasons why Rainbow Dash would win. Jared is impressed. No one has any faith in Starscream, proving that Death Battle was 100% correct. Jared puts his arms in the air.

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