Pokcrastination is a Clip of the Week from 2013.

Cast Bryan, Craig (voiceover), Nick, Ben, Sam, Sean, Chad
Intro Host none
Upload Date October 18th 2013
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Bryan is turning up to the office, when he sees a note on the door. Bryan turns his head to read the note which is on its side. Craig's voiceover reads the note. When Craig reads that everything Bryan needs is attached, Craig's hat can be seen wedged in the door handle.

Bryan walks into the office, and swaps his cap with Craig's. He sees Nick at his desk asleep with his hoodie over his head. Bryan waves his arm in front of Nick's face. Bryan pushes Nick, who then wakes up. Bryan yells at him to get to work! Nick pulls the hoodie back over his head, and Bryan walks back in angrily. Nick sits up and starts working.

Bryan walks into the main office with Ben, Sam, Sean and Chad all working. Bryan walks out, and walks back in to check on everyone. Bryan is suspicious, and listens in on the wall. Bryan checks everything out by tapping on a printer, a keyboard and a Nintendo 64. Bryan looks to be getting to work, but quickly looks back at everyone.  He decides to put the laptop in his lap, and watch everyone as he works.

Later, Bryan checks his watch, and puts down his laptop. He opens up his 3DS. He is puzzled, and rapidly open and closes his 3DS. He turns around to find an empty room, and one of the chairs is still spinning. He screams "Pokémon!"

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