Pimp Yo Place Pt. 1 is a video from 2010.

Pimp Yo Place Pt. 1
Upload Date some time in 2010
Hosts Jose, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Jose sings the intro, a parody to Pimp My Ride. Craig is driving, and he is driving to San Antonio. They have a arcade to drop off. There is a giant Prime of Rage arcade in the back. Craig can't wait to see the g1's response when they arrive. He asks how Jose feels. He replies with "meh".

Jose is at San Antonio outside the g1's house, and he is ready to pimp this girl's house. He knocks on the door, and doesn't know if they have the right place. He knocks twice. Turns out it was the wrong address! Jose was ready to go "Yo dawg", but then realized he had the wrong place when some guy came out.

To do: find part 2

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