Patched is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Cast Craig (voice over), Chad, Jared, Ben, Nick, Bryan
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date March 26th 2011
Clip / Ad Marvel vs Capcom 3 Patch

Synopsis Edit

Craig decided to patch up the office to level out the office.

Patch 1.1: Chad cuts his woman hair. Chad freaks out.

Patch 1.2: Jared gets a sex life. Jared is excited, but when nothing appears, he realizes that Craig means his hand.

Patch 1.3: Ben's ego gets nerfed. Ben is shot at with Nerf guns!

Patch 1.4: Nick's hands are cut off with a knife. Nick screams as Bryan prepares his knife.

Patch 1.5: Destin returns to host Hard News. Nothing happens, and the chair remains empty. Nick wanders in, and realizes that he broke the patch as his hands are back. Chad angrily walks in, asking who Nick is talking to. Nick has broken the Clip of the Week. The music has stopped, Chad's not having any fun, the plot has gone to hell, and the outro will cut them off. The outro cuts Chad off!

Nick may have broken a nerf gun, and Jared tries to fix it. Chad offers Nick a smaller nerf gun. He hits it away. Now, he has broken another one! Jared tries get Nick to help fix it, and pretends to make the gun break his hands.