Party Time is the ninth and final episode of Metal Gear Ben.

Party Time
Cast Ben, Craig, Jose, James Rolfe, Chad, Corey, Nick, Bryan, Jared
Commentary Cast Ben, Nick, Jose, Craig
Upload Date May 18th 2010


Synopsis Edit

Colonel Corey makes a Previously On segment summarizing the events of the entire series.

Craig is surprised that Ben didn't figure out that Craig was behind it all, and is sure that everyone else did. Craig reveals that he is the fifth Craig, and the original one was blown up, and cloned himself. Craig's 2 and 3 were also blown up. Craig 4 was run over by a steamroller. All Craig wanted was the golden Legend of Zelda cartridge. Craig brings in the Ben clone army. Craig commands the LOLaser to eat Ben.

Meanwhile, Mega Mantis and Chad are still fighting on the roof. Chad realizes that the rubbish on the ground is Mega Mantis' weakness. Chad captures him in a plastic container, and Chad throws the container off the roof into the trash.

The LOLaser is shooting everything, and Ben is on the floor. Ben shoots at him, but Jose deflects it. Octagon tells Ben that his weakness is to punch him in the nuts. Before he can, Iron Cog jumps in, and Ben punches him and knocks him to the ground. Ben hits Jose with a Power Punch in the nuts. Jose falls down, lands on Iron Cog and explodes. Ben tells Chad to plant a bomb on the roof. Chad is terrified at the fact that Ben planted a bomb on him. It is revealed that Ben can't get out of the building, and Chad doesn't want to.

Craig tries to call Destin for Operation Scissors 61. Ben kicks over Iron Cog's gun to Craig. Ben picks up the golden cartridge and states that he will keep it. Craig demands he hands it over. Craig gets angry and points the gun in Ben's face. When Ben doesn't comply, Craig starts hitting Ben. Chad, Octagon, Colonel Corey and Ace Bryan offer encouragement to Ben. Ben tries to stand up to Craig, but Craig shoots him. Ben is wearing bullet proof armor. He tries shooting Ben in the face, but he has already wasted his six shots. Ben injects Craig with the X-Virus, and Craig goes down. Ben informs Chad to detonate the bomb.

Chad makes a speech at Ben's funeral. A montage of the other characters is shown, including Corey about to cross Metal Gear Ben off her "People I hate" list, Ace Bryan admiring the Top Gun cartridge, Jared and sprite sharpening the Master Sword, Octagon filling a tub full of things which include Tommy the Toucan's head, and the LOLazer. Chad reveals that he is the only one at the funeral. Ben appears to Chad's surprise, and Ben informs Chad that he never dies. 

Corey's People I Hate List Edit

  • Boss Craig
  • Nazis
  • Octagon (crossed out)
  • Mega Mantis
  • Battletoads (this is a reference to an episode of Sidescrollers where Corey states that she hates Battletoads)
  • Chuck Norris (crossed out)
  • Jared Tryfource (crossed out)
  • The Philadelphia Eagles
  • Ace Bryan
  • Traffic
  • Optimus Prime
  • METAL GEAR BEN! (she is about to cross Metal Gear Ben off, however the scene cuts away)

New Codec Numbers Edit


Credits Edit

Note: this will only feature the episode specific credits. The full credits list is on the Metal Gear Ben page.

Starring Edit

Music Edit

  • Ryan Fitzgerald
  • Larry Holder
  • James "JOT" O'Toole
  • Carf
  • Jamie MacDonald


  • Seth Dormaier
  • Jake Evans
  • Nick Johnson
  • Ben Turpin
  • Phil Bateman

Camera Operators Edit

  • Nick Cramer
  • Ben Singer
  • Bryan Baker
  • Jose Mejia

Teleprompters Edit

Gaffer Edit

  • Ben Singer
  • Nick Cramer

Asst. Director Edit

  • Nick Cramer

Official Artwork Edit

  • Mike Scally

Primary Composers Edit

  • Marc Marta
  • Tansunn Kitsuki

Motion Graphics Edit

  • Jake Singer

Written, directed, and edited by Edit

  • Ben Singer

Commentary Edit

The second Metal Gear Ben Clip of the Week originally had Destin in Ben's role. Ben originally wrote a ten episode series for Metal Gear Ben, and hated it, and rewrote it entirely. The script was changing constantly, and a lot of the jokes came together while they were filming. Jose being the LOLazer was the first person to be written into the role (apart from Ben).

GameAttack doesn't have a basement, it only has a backroom. The scene with Octagon loading chisel into a box full of stuff was supposed to start an engine sound, but it had to be cut. Jared didn't want a corner of the GameAttack store to be shown in the show. The souls of Craig's shoes came off during shooting. There were marks all over the floor of GameAttack from filming, and Jared was mad at the end of it.

Trivia Edit

  • Ben learns the Power Punch at the end of the first episode.
  • Ben's cardboard tombstone reads "R.I.P. M.G.B. Respawn Time ∞"

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