Party Time is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Party Time
Cast Craig, Jared, Destin, Nick, Chad, intern
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Batman Returns - Tiger

Synopsis Edit

Craig is introducing the clip from up a tree. Jose, Corey and Ben aren't in the office (Ben has an ear infection). What happens when half of the office is out? Party!

Craig pops a party popper. Craig and Jared are playing with army men figures. A parachute army figure lands on the table. Nick is blowing bubbles as he runs through a park. Chad pops the bubbles and laughs child-like behind Nick. The crew play Don't Break the Ice. Craig, Jared and Chad pop more party poppers outside and cheer.

Nick, Jared, Chad and Destin are playing Jenga. Nick draws a chalk outline around Craig. Destin, Chad and Craig have water balloons and want a target. An intern comes in, so they use him. Chad hits Destin with one. Chad, Nick and Craig cheer around him. 

Back to Jenga, and its Destin's turn. Jared is trash talking. When he successfully places the block, Jared congratulates him on his good move. The intern is holding a pinata, while Craig is being turned around with a baseball bat, he goes to swing, but the scene ends just before Craig hits the intern in the head. 

Back to the action figures, Craig is hit by the parachute man, and falls to the ground. Jared makes the two survivors kiss. Craig asks him what he's doing, and Jared runs away. Everyone grabs the candy that has come from the pinata.

Everyone eats the cake. It is Destin's turn in Jenga again. Nick blows the blocks over. Destin is angry, as Jared and Nick celebrate.

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