Parker Bohon
Birthday -
Nickname none
Status / Role Current Member
Current shows Tap That App

Social Media
Arrived at ScrewAttack / GameAttack 2013
Left ScrewAttack / GameAttack N/A

Parker Bohon is a GameAttack staff member. He began working as an intern, but then began working at ScrewAttack part-time. He edits videos and has worked on the Twitter Time segment in Sidescrollers. He's also hosted the Mario Kart 8 competition, and featured in several other videos. He also occasionally appeared during ScrewAttack Live and Clip of the Week. Parker participated in a few food eating challenges.

Parker then moved over to GameAttack, and co-hosted Tap that App alongside Craig and Shaun. He now edits GameAttack's videos.

Parker goes to UNT.

ScrewAttack roles Edit

Parker was hired as an editor, and has edited videos for both ScrewAttack and GameAttack. His first show that he hosted was Tap That App.

Shows he has worked on Edit

Tap That App, Four Play, ScrewAttack Live, The Best Ever, The #1 Show, Clip of the Week

Alter egos Edit

Coach Seamas McGilliicutty Edit

This character was created during the Ben vs Craig: It's Time to Jam video, where Coach McGillicutty helped Ben defeat Craig in basketball. Parker has brought out the character several times since, including famously as he hosted the Mario Kart 8 Competition on Screwin' Around.

Gallery Edit

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