PSP Auditions is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

PSP Auditions
Cast Chad, Destin, Ryan, Jose, Ben
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad PSP with Kevin Butler

Synopsis Edit

The ScrewAttack crew sent in their own audition tapes to be a marketing spokesperson for the PSP.

Chad: Chad states that he is a huge fan as the viewer can see by looking behind him, (it's all Nintendo or Guitar Hero posters). Chad's plan is to sell repair parts for the PSP because the PSP's are contantly breaking.

Destin: Destin tells the story about how he was at the Day 1 launch of the PSP. He bought all the games and preordered Gran Turismo, and wonders if it ever came out. He explains that he didn't get the PSP 3000 because it didn't have the games he wanted.

Ryan: Ryan thinks the topic is PCP, and talks about how the last time he had PCP he ended up naked on the side of the road. Someone tells him that he should be talking about the PSP, and Ryan asks what that is.

Jose: Jose thinks that he would add a whole lot of street credibility to the marketing team that Marcus doesn't have. Jose explains that Microsoft doesn't have a portable system because Jose slapped Bill Gates around and told him not to have one. Ben walks into the room, and Jose shoots him. Jose compares the size of Marcus's balls to the average person's balls, and then to his massive balls.

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