PC Friday is a sub-show to Screwin' Around. This show was dedicated to playing PC games and was hosted by Sam and at least one other member of the crew, usually Chad. The first episode aired July 21st 2012, and the show ended in November 2012.

List of Episodes Edit

  • League of Legends - July 21st 2012
  • Counter Strike Source - July 28th 2012 Hosts: Chad
  • Cool Spot and free stuff - August 4th 2012 Hosts: Sam and Chad
  • Tribes Ascend - August 18th 2012 Hosts: Chad and Sam
  • Smashmuck Champions - September 1st 2012 Hosts: Chad and Sam
  • Smite - September 8th 2012 Hosts: Sam, Chad and Jared
  • Black Mesa - September 15th 2012 Hosts: Chad and Sam
  • More Mesa - September 22nd 2012 Hosts: Sam and Jared
  • Diablo III (PTR Patch 1.05) - September 29th 2012 Hosts: Chad and Sam
  • Worms Revolution - October 6th 2012
  • Just Cause 2 Multiplayer! - October 13th 2012
  • The Amazing Spider-Derp (and other DOS games) - October 20th 2012
  • Apogee Games - November 3rd - Hosts: Nick and Bryan
  • Team Bible Worms - November 17th 2012 Hosts: Nick and Bryan

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