Our Birthday Wish is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Our Birthday Wish
Cast Ben, Jose, Craig, Jared, Bryan, Destin, Nick, Corey, Chad
Intro Host Screwy
Upload Date around February 14th 2010
Clip / Ad Someone celebrating a birthday, and zombies give her a head

Synopsis Edit

Screwy introduces the clip as they celebrate their fourth birthday. Some people don't like the crew very much, so this is ScrewAttack's birthday wish to them.

Ben, Jose and Craig are celebrating, as it is their fourth birthday. Ben opens a bottle of hot salsa sauce. Jose opens Mega Man 9. Craig opens an empty box. It is revealed that the box was given to them by Jared, who is a hater. He says he doesn't owe the crew anything, and that they owe him. Jared also says that their old videos were better, and that they should bring back Handsome Tom.

Jared thinks he knows everything about ScrewAttack, and he's going to hide behind his keyboard and calls Craig a dick. Craig gets up and punches him to the ground. Ben and Jose put a box on his head.They beat Jared up. Craig holds Jared up to a wall, and says that just because he tells them to stop making videos doesn't mean they will. He asks if anyone wants to hurt him.

Bryan arrives and punches Jared. He sees Destin and tells him that he is fat and should kill himself. Destin punches Jared in the gut, and throws him over the couch. Jared says to Nick that Craig's VGV's are better. Nick apologises and stabs him. Jose jams Jared's head in a door.

Corey calls the douche-bag over, and tells him that he can't see her boobs, and knocks Jared to the ground. Chad arrives ("Emo kid"), and Chad knifes him in the forehead. Jared screams.

Chad and Craig carry Jared to everyone, who cheer Ben on. Ben shoves a plunger up Jared's butt. Jose, Destin and Corey are horrified by this, but Nick smiles and gives him a thumbs up. Craig comes in with cupcakes, and puts the tray on Jared's back. Everyone takes one.

Trivia Edit