Chad and Sam discover Octodad's backstory, before swimming around a tank, and go into Metal Gear mode around the aquarium.

Octodad Dadliest Catch: Origin of the Dad (Part 7) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 5th 2014
Hosts Chad, Sam
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Sam grab their hat only to slip over more banana peels. They take control of the wheel of the ship. The game isn't triggering the fact that they are at the wheel. The game wanted them to enter from a different door!

They start the ship. A woman appears. They almost fall off the boat attempting to navigate down stairs. Chad realizes that they would need to smash the crate. A lifeboat crashes into the crate. Octodad meets the woman, and Sam realizes that this is a flashback.

The chef appears, and Octodad has to sneak past him. They knock the chef off the boat. Chad questions the dancing scene, and Sam questions why the chef would swim away from the boat. Octodad dances gracefully.

They are back in the aquarium and swim around. Octodad looks pissed off, and a shark chases them. This is very odd. Sam compliments Octodad's swimming skills. Sam yells at Chad for not watching when the shark was attacked by the angler fish. The shark comes back and they continue to argue. They end up back in the original tank.

Chad questions how Octodad's wife doesn't know that he is an octopus. Octodad heads through the gift shop and has to dodge guards. They barely make it out of the gift shop, and metal gear it to the cafeteria. Chad loves how the biologists don't notice Octodad getting into the bathrooms.

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