Chad and Sam wander around a dark room, before being thrown into a tank, and waking up on a boat full of sailors.

Octodad Dadliest Catch: Metal Gear (Part 6) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 4th 2014
Hosts Chad, Sam
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

They head to the Deep Dark Sea. Sam wants it to be like Bioshock. Chad compares this to playing a Zoidburg game. Chad pretends to try to scare his daughter. Sam wants an angler fish hat rather then the jellyfish. They have to dance on the dance floor. They did enough to pass.

Chad actually learns something! Jellyfish can live forever. Chad gets stuck, and they slide down the escalator. Chad is worried about having a dark room. Stacy provides a distraction for Octodad to get past. Chad tries to get the lights to work. They find plugs in another room. They have to put the plugs in the correct holes. They set up the lights to light up the snugglefish!

They make it up another escalator. The voiceover makes an amusing comment. They walk up some stairs, and search the room. Sam thinks that Octodad's wife will leave him for a shark! It turns out that the chef tricks Octodad, and throws him into the shark tank. Octodad looks sad.

Chad is confused, as the next scene takes place on a boat. They are caught by someone on the boat, and have to try again. They climb around to avoid detection. They fall off a pole, and get caught, and have to try the pole again. They fall off a few times. Sam can't swing his leg over very well, causing them to fall. They keep failing. They come close to running out of the area though.

Eventually, they get across and head inside the boat. They find the suit to become a sea captain. Sam wants to slap the captain. Chad drunkenly hugs him.

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