Chad and Sam fight the chef once and for all - and die in a fire a lot.

Octodad Dadliest Catch: Final Showdown (Part 8) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 6th 2014
Hosts Chad, Sam
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad makes Octodad dance, and he can be really graceful. They need to sound an alarm, so they turn the stove on. Octodad's hand is on fire! They attempt to leave the room through the vent, but get stuck. They arrive back in the bathroom. Sam calls the chef "Dickface" because his nose looks dickish. There is an obvious path set up for Octodad to take by climbing a ladder.

They fall into a crate. Octodad puts on a shark suit as he breaks the glass. Chad wants to stab someone with the glass! They try to avoid the biologists as much as possible. They squeeze into the tray return to go to the cafeteria. Chad is sad that the shark costume pops off.

Chad is horrified as the boy is tied up! They confront the chef, who sets the cafeteria on fire. They have to run away from the chef, but Sam gets stuck. Just touching the fire results in near instant death. Chad and Sam panic, as they take many attempts. Sam comments on how strong the chef is.

The boy tackles the chef out the way into the fire! Octodad climbs into the ceiling. Sam makes a mistake, and they fall off the ceiling. Sam misses again, and Chad tells him to calm down! Chad and Sam start arguing when they fall into the fire. Thankfully, there is a checkpoint halfway across, so they don't care.

The rafters keep on falling down, and they constantly land in the fire. Chad wants to move slowly, but Sam gets reckless. They land on a chair, which ascends them to the end of the room! Chad wants to keep the good luck chair. They need to plug fish spouts while avoiding fireballs from the chef. Octodad's wife throws one right into the spout!

Chad wants Octodad to kill the chef, but Octodad hugs him instead. The boy questions where they came from, and they all laugh. Chad concludes that the wife cheated on Octodad! The credits roll. Octodad messes around in the theatre. Chad wants everyone out of the thetre. They accidentally leave and skip the credits.

Chad and Sam really liked the game. Chad thinks that the kids either came from adultery or bestiality. Sam thinks they may have been adopted. Sam thinks Octodad may have a human penis, which shocks Chad.

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