Ocarina of Torment is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Ocarina of Torment
Cast Craig, Chad (as himself and Ariel), Jared, Bryan, Ben, Bowser, Nick
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date July 11th 2011
Clip / Ad Craig's review of Ocarina of Time 3DS

Synopsis Edit

Craig's review of Ocarina of Time went up recently, and Craig gave it an F' It, and everyone is raging! The reason why Craig gave it that rating, was because he has a troubled past with the game.

Craig's mom walks in and says that Ocarina of Time is going to Disney World. 

Craig tries to ask Ariel (Chad) to go to the prom with him awkwardly (and looking at her breasts), but she is already going with Ocarina of Time. Craig's heart is broken.

Craig, Jared and Chad are lining up to buy tickets for Ace of Base. Craig gets to the counter, but they are all sold out, as Ocarina of Time bought the last 40 tickets for him and Ariel. Craig's heart is broken again.

Ben is giving Craig a job interview, and Craig has all the qualifications, but the job was already filled by Ocarina of Time.

Craig gets home and picks up Bowser and tells him that Ocarina of Time got the job he wanted. He walks into the bedroom, and drops Bowser as Ocarina of Time is sitting in his bed. Craig screams.

Craig is working in the office, and Nick enters asking who wants to review Ocarina of Time 3D that just came in the mail. Craig wants to.

The end of the clip says that Craig loves the game, but gave it an F' It because the game should be played on a TV.

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