Not What You Expect is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Not What You Expect
Cast Jared
Intro Host Jared
Upload Date July 16th 2011
Clip / Ad Nyan Cat
Link Currently Unavailable. Archived version:

Synopsis Edit

Jared, who is completely oblivious to what the Clip of the Week is, introduces it as the fact that the last Harry Potter movie is coming out. That's not the only thing that is coming to an end. Apparently, Jared has been playing the Nyan Cat video too much, and Nick decides to get back at him.

The entire of this clip is five minutes of Jared thrusting his pelvis in space shooting fireballs out of his groin to repeating music.

The end of the clip is text saying "You have now wasted five minutes of your life watching Jared thrust his pelvis in the air. :)"