Noob Eater is the seventh episode of Metal Gear Ben.

Noob Eater
Cast Jared, Jose, Ben, Nick, Corey, Chad, Bryan, James Rolfe, Ryan, Dane Sanders, Wajahat Khan
Commentary Cast Ben, Bryan, Nick, Destin
Upload Date April 2nd 2010


Synopsis Edit

Colonel Corey makes a Previously On segment summarizing the events of the previous episode.

In GameAttack, Jared gets a phone call. Sprite the fairy wants to talk to the person on the phone, and Jared tells her to shut up. Jared smacks her away. Jared hears the door opening, but doesn't see anyone enter. He gets out from behind the counter, and looks around. Suddenly, he sees Jose roaring towards him. Jared tries to pull out his sword and yells.

Meanwhile, Ben, Corey and Octagon are waiting for Chad. Nick says that they are probably going through some water levels because they take a long time to get through. Corey asks if Chad can be trusted. He gets Octagon to try to hear him, using a very long device. Octagon picks them up, and the ROFLcopter can be seen coming over the building. Chad apologizes, as he was going through a water temple. Ben asks him if he has the antidote, which he does.

Chad is seen falling into a lab, and pulls his gun out on Ryan the scientist. Ryan asks if he can help, and Chad awkwardly asks if he has an X-Virus antidote. Ryan gives Chad the antidote. Chad hits Ryan with his gun to knock him out anyway. 

Chad decides that he will only give Ben the antidote if Ben gives him his sword. Ben gives it to him. He sucks the virus out of himself. It is green, and anything that is green is dangorous. Chad is playing with his new sword behind Octagon. Octagon says that the touch of death should be gone, but it would need testing. Ace Bryan enters to shake Ben's hand. Ben gets excited when Bryan doesn't die, and Bryan becomes worried.

Octagon reveals that the X-Virus can't kill anyone who shares the same DNA, which Ben concludes that this is the reason why Metallic Ben didn't die when Ben touched him. Corey reveals that the Lolazer has destroyed a game store and is heading for GameAttack! They all leave in the ROFLcopter.

Octagon reveals that Jose never existed and that he was always the Lolazer. Corey reveals that she knows some people who can give Ben some advice. The first call is from Captain S. Captain S tells Ben to "Kick It". The next person is Guy, and he tells Ben to check for weak spots. He asks if he has a sword, or a scan visor to help find weak spots. He even offers GameFAQs. Captain S pushes Guy out of the way and tells Ben to kick it. They argue. 

They arrive at GameAttack. Ben tells Chad to enter 10 minutes after him. Ben jumps out of the ROFLcopter, and his parachute breaks. He lands on the ground perfectly fine.

Ben sees the bad guys outside GameAttack. Ben enters the store. Ben meets Jared Tryfource and Sprite, who follows Jared around for some reason. Jared explains that he managed to get away from the Lolazer, but his sword won't be able to help against Destin because he had to dull it. Sprite complains that this was a stupid idea, and Destin overhears and shoots towards them.

Destin and Ben start a shoot out in the store. Destin tells Ben that he is reloading and it is unfair to shoot him. Destin then shoots Ben's gun out of his hand. Jared jumps up and hits Destin's arm with the sword. It doesn't do any damage. After a few awkward seconds, Chad enters and slices off Destin's hand. Destin yells in pain, and Jared becomes excited. Jared and Sprite celebrate together. Ben tells Chad to make sure Jared and Sprite are safe and tell Corey to look out for Destin.

New codec numbers Edit

Captain S - 649.05 This could be a reference to the Sega character Chaos.

Guy - 609.11

Credits Edit

Starring Edit

Starring Edit

Music Edit

  • Ryan Fitzgerald
  • dugthefreshest
  • Brian Farmer
  • Jack Skinner
  • Seth Dormaier
  • Velkku
  • Carf
  • Issac Mendoza
  • David Smith

Camera Operators Edit

  • Nick Cramer
  • Bryan Baker
  • Ben Singer
  • Adam Teterus
  • Jose Mejia

Boom Operators Edit

  • Bryan Baker
  • Nick Cramer

Teleprompters Edit

  • Nick Cramer

Gaffer Edit

  • Ben Singer

Asst. Director Edit

  • Nick Cramer

Official Artwork Edit

  • Mike Scally

Primary Composers Edit

  • Marc Marta
  • Tansunn Kitsuki

Motion Graphics Edit

  • Jake Singer

Written, directed, and edited by Edit

  • Ben Singer

Commentary Edit

Originally, Jared's part was going to be the Nametags guys, and then Jared moved into ScrewAttack. Some guy kept on calling the store every five minutes during filming even though the store was closed. Ben was holding Octagon's earscope while the camera moved towards the end, and then someone else help at Nick's end while the camera was at the other end.

In the lab scene, they were not supposed to be in the building at that time. They found the sword on eBay for $30, and Ben needed to dull it a lot. The script says that Bryan should talk like a pirate. Like last episode, the scene with the soldiers was filmed early on in the show.

Ben voiced Sprite, and it originally sounded like Screwy. Destin had an NES cartridge in his sleeve for Jared to hit with his sword, but he missed! This hurt Destin a lot. The shot with Chad was filmed later. There is so much blood shown because there was an exposed finger visible.

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